We spent quality time at the pre wedding session, the couple were all smiles and full of happiness. No stress for me at all, I just shot away

IfeDoyin2015-27 IfeDoyin2015-28 IfeDoyin2015-29 IfeDoyin2015-30 IfeDoyin2015-32 IfeDoyin2015-33 IfeDoyin2015-34

Weeks later it was time for us to go to Ikeja for the traditional marriage ceremony. It was a colour fest; and I also got to meet some of my high school friends again

IfeDoyin2015-2-2 IfeDoyin2015-3 IfeDoyin2015-4 IfeDoyin2015-12IfeDoyin2015-5 IfeDoyin2015-6 IfeDoyin2015-7 IfeDoyin2015-11  IfeDoyin2015-1 IfeDoyin2015-14 IfeDoyin2015-15 IfeDoyin2015-16 IfeDoyin2015-19 IfeDoyin2015-21 IfeDoyin2015-22


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